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June 20, 2016

Down Under, we get a head start on switching up our wardrobes with the cold season’s trendiest must-haves for 2016. The Fall/Winter 2016-2017 runways rolled out interesting collections of reinvented pieces from many different eras, including the Victorian age, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, and worn in smashing, new ways. Here, we curated details that are just as vogue. From the runways to your closets, these are the hottest must-haves for this chilly season, with essentials that you can shop right here at Very Lovely People.

1.) Lace accents

Sultry romance is back for winter and better than ever. Lingerie-inspired ensembles were seen on the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 runways, with designers like Bottega Venetta layering lacy bralettes over dresses and Alberta Ferreti throwing a snug, floor-sweeping cardi over another lacy number. This time, however, lace doesn’t just give off a delicate vibe. Instead, it’s dark, sexy, and intimate. Alice McCall’s Baby I’m Amazed playsuit features an elegant lace pattern offset by an endearing, casual silhouette doesn’t come short of the dark, romantic vibe.

Baby I'm Amazed Playsuit

Love Lockdown Blouse

If wearing lace all over is not your cup of tea but you’d still like to take a little sip, choose pieces with strategically-placed lace details, like accents around the collar or the sleeves. Alice McCall’s Love Lockdown blouse has the kind of tailoring that draws the eyes down the body, with lace accents softening the collar and finishing the hems.

2.) Ruffles

Ruffles Winter 2016

(Image Courtesy of Fashionisers)

Winter is made a lot more playful and fun with frills and ruffles around. Ruffles are an unquestionable trend on the winter runways, appearing on necklines, sleeves, skirts, dresses, and even shoes from Fendi, Prada, and Gucci. And why not? This chaotic detail breaks the dull textures and streamlined silhouettes that is often the style scene with knits and long coats for winter. So get yourself at least a piece or two to vamp up your wardrobe!

Karen Wlaker Top

Add a touch of Victorian grandiose to your ensemble with this Karen Walker top, lined with ruffles from the top to the hem, in a deep midnight colour.

Karen Walker Drop Waist Dress

If you want to go with a dress, make a throwback to the 20’s drop waist style and go a little subtle with the soft ruffles of this Karen Walker drop-waist dress.

Karen Walker Posie Waist Top

Rock two trends in one with this Karen Walker posie waist top, featuring a lovely botanical, floral print, and layered ruffles, peplum style.

3.) The timeless stripes

Winter 2016

(Image Courtesy of Fashionisers)

 We don’t know about you, but we’re never going to tire of classic stripes—and we’re the very same people who’re psyched to see it trending on the Winter 2016-2017 runways, with designers like Balmain, Giambattista Valli, and Tommy Hilfiger showcasing everything from glamorous stripes in sleek silhouettes to more playful, trippy types . While most designer stripes were bold and audacious in colour and symmetry, you can rock even the good old Breton ones and layer it under fur coats or sweeping cardis. Here at Very Lovely People, we’ve got a striped playsuit and a striped shirt for both men and women—just in case you don’t have one in your wardrobe yet.

Striped Playsuit

Striped Shirt

Mens Striped Shirt

4.) White shirt under the dress

White Shirt Under The Dress Winter 2016

(Image courtesy of Vogue Paris)

If the white-shirt-under-the -dress get-up looks unconventional, that’s because it is. But what makes it such a great trend for winter? You basically get to wear your favourite summer dress, or maximize and make day-apt that LBD by layering a tailored white shirt underneath. The runways have got this outfit going, too, with street style stars and celebrities jumping on the trend. Bring your game up a notch by rocking the trend with a stylish white shirt.

White Shirt

Your basic white shirt comes in this Assembly Label Anyway tee in quality cotton and a round neck.

Wouldn't it be nice top

Make a little upgrade with Alice McCall’s Wouldn’t It Be Nice crop top: the boxy silhouette is absolutely flattering, plus the floral cut-out design gives the shirt a perkier profile than your average white tee.

5.) Turtlenecks

Turtle Necks

(Image courtesy of Popsugar AU)

Perhaps nothing is as cozy as a nice turtleneck underneath layers of clothing. Turtlenecks already provide nice coverage for the chilly season on its own, so you better be getting one that is equal parts functional and fashionable. This grey Shakuhachi halter turtleneck is versatile enough to be layered underneath a funky printed dress, Versace style. Or throw on over a coloured fur coat for that extra oomph.

Shakuhachi Turtle Neck


6.) Contemporary graphics and artsy prints

Prints Winter 2016

(Image Courtesy of Fashionisers)

Break the monotony this winter. The runway trend reports feature loud, artsy prints and graphics that add a pop of character to an outfit. Alexander McQueen presented iconic red lip prints, while Gucci showed off exotic animal prints like snakes, fishes and birds. Pieces from Topshop Unique were inspired by landscapes from A Winter’s Tale.

Boating Tee Winter 2016

Try a nautical design like this boating tee from Karen Walker with a psychedelic, rope print.

Backyard Jumper Winter 2016

Make a statement with this Karen Walker Backyard jumper featuring a botanical print, juxtaposed with a bold “Plant Shop” and lightning graphic for a unique twist.

7.) Charm accessories

Accessories Winter 2016

(Image courtesy of Fashonisers)

The winter 2016-2017 accessory scene has a plethora of jeopardy-repelling charms like moons, stars, hearts, and eyes chunked together in a bracelet or hanging off of a necklace or long earring. Check out the dramatic rose and key choker necklace from Prada, and the layered pendant necklaces from Valentino—the ornaments add mystique to the overall look.

Get yours from Karen Walker’s charm collection, which combines punk and allure from star, broken heart, cats, and skull ornaments.

Star EarringsKaren Walker star earrings.

Charm BraceletKaren Walker charm bracelet.

Animal Charm BraceletKaren Walker animal charm bracelet.

Skull RingStar RingKaren Walker star ring and skull ring.

Broken Heart Earrings

Karen Walker broken heart earrings.

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