How to Instantly Update Any Outfit

July 28, 2016

Accessories aren’t quite a street style star secret. They’re obviously a wardrobe must-have, but exactly what accessory to pick and how to wear it with an outfit can be a puzzle. You could have your clothing ensemble on point, but with the lack or the wrong choice of accessories, your #OOTD could be a disaster. But no fret—we’re going to show you how to have the art of accessorizing down pat, by way of featuring and styling with accessories that you can purchase right from the store.
1. Necklaces
It doesn’t take much to notice that there’s a variety of necklaces that you can throw over an outfit for a vast number of different looks, but one such accessory essential is a charm necklace. The minimalist design makes it easy to work into a lot of ensembles—everything from a quintessential stripe tee to an eccentric, loose top.  The length of the necklace goes better with necklines that either fall beyond the collarbone or are way high up, like a turtleneck, so as to show off the quirky peg charm (plus points if the turtleneck is black for a sleek contrast!).
  1. Kerchief

Kerchiefs are making scenes in street style today when they’re wrapped around the neck. It’s a trend that was birthed from the satin neck scarf, and the look proves that cool vintage and grandma-chic are the ultimate style pegs for this season. The kerchief can dress up a low V-neck or a nice crewneck, and the design must go with the colour palette and pattern of the outfit. A patterned neckerchief can up an shirt-and-jeans formula. Put on a pair of round sunnies for a biker-chic look!

The kerchief is surprisingly flexible, too. You can wrap it around your head for a bohemian get-up. The kerchief as a head accessory especially suits the warmer seasons, since the fabric is more lightweight and breathable than beanies or hats.



Karen Walker Wild Flowers Kerchief

3. Sunglasses

Always a sartorial must-have, sunglasses accomplish both functional and fashionable concerns at the same time. Aside from protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays, they instantly polish any outfit you have on and are a savvy fix for when you don’t want to bother with makeup for the day. The rule of thumb is to go with a frame that flatters your face shape, so look for something that would give dimensional contrast. Round sunglasses like our ROC eyewear crystal/gold sunnies would soften angular face shapes, for example.

roc eyewear

Mirrored sunnies like our Le Specs Ash/Pink Mirror sunglasses are a du jour style that can elevate any off-duty look.


4. Earrings

Never one to be an afterthought, earrings are the ultimate face-framing, statement-making accessories. Just like sunglasses, the right style of earrings can draw attention to your visage and accentuate its shape.

Faces with a round frame ought to go with long, dangling earrings like these Karen Walker thread star earrings; the design of the earrings will also add a fine, edgy appeal to your get-up.

 Star Earrings

Karen Walker Thread Star Dangling Earrings

Narrow or square faces should opt for button or stud-types to clinch on their ears, preferably one with a round design to add fullness to the face shape.

Broken Heart Earrings

Karen Walker Broken Heart Earrings

5. Rings

Rings often exude a personal touch as an accessory, and denote the wearer’s personality just as much as other jewellery and accessories do. These pretty little bling's also have a strong trend game, and stacking or layering is the up-to-the-minute way of wearing rings. This is best achieved with simpler, delicate styles like these intricate ones from Karen Walker.


Karen Walker Stamp Ring

Star RingKaren Walker Star Ring

bowKaren Walker Bow Ring

6. Belts

Waist-defining concerns are a belt’s main domain as an accessory, which is why beyond your classic denim jeans and office trousers, they’re the sartorial solution to more overwhelming one-piece garments like a jumpsuit or a maxi dress. You can’t just slap on any style, though—choose something that goes with your body type. Experiment with the width of the belt and the position of it around your waist and see which renders the best silhouette for your outfit.


Karen Walker chestnut eyelet belt

beltKaren Walker chain buckle belt

7. Bags

If anything, a bag is the one accessory that you will be leaving the house with the most—we’ve all got essentials to stash in it!—so it’s best to choose a style that goes well not just with your outfit, but with the situation and the things you’ll be lugging around with you. A stroll around the city streets, for example, or a chill lunch date, warrants a casual bag like this “Sally” crossbody bag. The small compartment and light weight is great for girls on the go. Plus, that delicious, deep oxblood colour never gets old and is bound to last throughout fashion seasons.


Benah by Karen Walker oxblood mini crossbody bag

Working girls, you don’t deserve anything drab. Vamp up your business attire with Karen Walker’s  midnight tote bag—it holds its shape and has room for all your office (and beauty!) needs, but it’s in a sleeker style with a quirky, arrow hardware on the strap. The midnight color is professional and versatile at the same time, so you can wear it even to a non-office setting. The streamlined silhouette and easy design of this bag makes for an effortlessly chic, look.


Benah by Karen Walkermidnight tote bag

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