8 Ways You Can Be Stylish While Staying Comfortable

August 4, 2016

Some of us have the impression that looking stylish in our street outfits or work wear compromises the level of comfort, but truth is, fashion always finds a way. And if comfort is the name of the game, then we’ve got more snug, stylish outfit ideas than you think. The best part is that cozy, lazy fashion—by way of loungewear and at leisure—is seriously trending right now, and there’s a lot more options in the market that caters to this fashion and function. We cover tips and tricks to dressing comfortable and fashionable below.

1. Go beyond the bodycon dress.

The bodycon, or the bandage dress, is not your only sexy wardrobe option. And whoever liked slipping into a skin-tight one-piece anyway? Not us! Define your waist with a crop top or a high-waist bottoms. Even better, don both pieces and exude that off-duty model look! Not only are they savvy options that help shape you up, but they wear so much more comfortable than a fitted dress!

Wouldn't it be nice top

Alice McCall Crop Top


Loose Casual Crop Top

2. When in doubt, throw on a playsuit!

Let’s admit it: as much as a good dress can instantly transform you into a real beaut’, nothing combines fashion and function as much as a playsuit, or a jumpsuit. They come in a wide range of designs that are just as dressy, and as a one-piece, they make outfit planning such a breeze to do—you can jump from your bed and slip into a jumpsuit for the day!

The pant style also gives you more freedom with movement, which is exactly what bumps the playsuit one level higher than a nice, little dress. We don’t know about you, but we don’t want to constantly shove our skirts down when we’re power-walking through the streets!

Baby I'm Amazed Playsuit

Baby I Am Amazed Playsuit

3. Invest in a statement piece (or two, or three!)

We’re talking about items like a pair of printed drawstring pants, a leather jacket, a patterned coat, or a hoodie with a slogan stretching across the front. You could throw such an eye-catching item and still look like you made the effort, since bold pieces draw attention to themselves. More often than not, one trendy item is enough.

Backyard Jumper Winter 2016

Karen Walker statement slogan casual jumper


This bow-embellished pair of trousers from Karen Walker is a great detail that adds dimension to your look.

  1. So long, high heels

We get all the power that comes with the ability to walk in high heels, but when we’re talking about comfort, it’s not exactly the best option. Surprisingly enough, high heels aren’t the only stylish choices there are when it comes to footwear, too. Supermodel Kendall Jenner herself wore white sneakers on a night-out! The fashion market makes available a wide variety of chic flats—sneakers, sandals, or ballerinas—that work as an alternative to high heels. And if you really need the extra height, choose a block heel over a stiletto!

  1. Accessorize your way to success

Much like a statement coat or printed pants, striking accessories can dress up even the most basic outfit formula. Tasselled earrings or layered necklaces can rev up a tee and jeans. Beyond jewellery, accessories like a bag, a scarf, a hat—given that they are bold enough in design—can make an impact on your outfit.

You could sport a shirt and grey sweatpants and still give your outfit a cool edge with a pair of sunnies, or a flowy summer dress with shoulder-grazing earrings.

Star Earrings

Karen Walker Dangling Star Earrings



Le Specs Mirrored Pink Sunglasses

6. Wear tailored pieces.

Sometimes, the secret to looking stylish is wearing pieces that fit you just right. This means, jeans with excess fabric that pool around your ankles will have to be cut and tailored to the right length. Tailored pieces always make for a sharp, streamlined silhouette, and is an easy way of looking put-together, especially if you’re layering items!


Rolla’s Jeans in Mirage Blue

7. Ditch restrictive things, like belts or buttons.

Belts and button-down shirts have their rightful place in our wardrobe, but if you’re gunning for a cosy outfit for the day, these are things you can’t be bothered with. Belts, for one, feel restrictive, and button-down shirts take much time to. The good news is, there are other ways to look smart and stylish without a belt or a button-down. You could define your waist with a crop top or high-waist pants. Or, you could pick a trapeze dress with a halter neckline and be back in business.

Shakuhachi Turtle Neck

Shakuhachi Grey Turtleneck Crop Top

8. Add a bold lip

You could pretty much treat a classic, red lip as an accessory. You’re not limited to that colour, either, but a precise, bold lip is the most lightweight, easiest add-on you could sport. The pop of colour can brighten your face and your whole look, and of course—there is a shade that flatters everyone! Swipe on a lippie and put on a pair of sunnies for when you’re on the go, and you will still look in style.

In addition to a bold lip, an easy hair style, like a top bun, can do wonders. Not only does it clear your face from feathery strand of hair, but it’s also the chicest way out of looking like a mess. Plus, it’s every bit an It Girl look!

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