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We want to help you love fashion. The best way to do that is to understand what suits you and why. We have put together a body shapes guide to help you, understand you better.

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What are the 5 bodyshapes?

Body shapes are to be a guide and an insight into what I find most people already know about themselves.

  1. Apple – a less defined waist but mostly great legs. Think Jennifer Hudson or Adele.
  2. Rectangle – even proportions through hips, waist and bust. Think Gwen Stefani, Pink or Cameron Diaz.
  3. Pear – shoulders and bust appear small than hips, often a tiny waist. Think Rihannon or Alicia Keys
  4. Inverted Triangle – shoulders are wider than hips. Think Elle McPherson
  5. Hourglass – Known as the perfect bodyshape (although it does have its challenges) because of the symmetry. Think Dita Von Tesse and Nigella Lawson

Body shapes come in all sizes petite pear, full pear and so on. Find the best part on your body and show that off, don’t focus on what doesn’t work focus on what does!

stylists tips:

  1. Golden rule is if it looks good it looks good if it looks bad it looks bad -no matter what the rules say!
  2. Find a nude shoe in the closest colour to your skin colour – great for work, denim or cocktail dresses.
  3. Think of proportions and balance when dressing – neck to waist, waist to ankle
  4. Don’t be afraid to try
  5. Introduce a current trend majorly or subtly to keep on-trend
  6. Less is best – effortless is always sexiest…don’t over do it.
  7. If in doubt contact us!